Beebotte in a Glance

Beebotte is a platform that provides key building blocks to power your Internet of Things and real time connected applications. A rich and easy to use API allows you to accelerate the development of your connected application and reduce your total cost and time to market.

Beebotte has a Publish/Subscribe model based on channels and resources offering bidirectional data communication between your connected clients or devices. A data model featuring persistent and transient messages gives you the power to decide which data to retain. A comprehensive authentication mechanism allows you to control access to your resources. In addition, presence events let you know who is connected.

Beebotte has a REST API to let backend (server) applications read, write and publish data while a Websockets javascript client library makes it ready for Web and HTML5 applications. In addition, Beebotte supports MQTT making the platfom suited for embedded devices and sensors.

Beebotte REST API libraries are available in many programming languages to help you get started, while a javascript client library (using Websockets) makes it ready for integration in web applications.

These documentation pages along with the tutorials and demos help you get started. If you have further questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to drop us an email (, we will be glad to help you or hear what you think about Beebotte.

You can also play with the API here!