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Cloud Platform for Real Time Connected Objects

Beebotte takes care of infrastructure & connectivity
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Cloud Platform as a Service

  • Connecting anything and everything in real-time using a rich API supporting REST, WebSockets and MQTT
  • Designed to empower Internet of Things and real-time communicating applications
  • Beebotte brings you a platform as a service connecting thousands of objects and delivering millions of messages
  • One platform suited for diverse applications like instant messaging, dashboards, online gaming and score boards, domotics, Internet of Things and reporting
  • Seamless scalability to meet your growing demands
  • Redundant architecture hosted with Amazon's AWS for high availability

Easy to Use

  • Start integrating Beebotte in minutes rather than days
  • Easy and intuitive wizards to define and manage your objects
  • Define awesome widgets and integrate them in just one line of code
  • Responsive design compatible with laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Comprehensive set of tutorials and demonstrations for different use cases

Wide Range Data Handling

  • Provides a publish subscribe architecture
  • Fast message routing between data providers and consumers
  • Supporting transient and persisted data messages
  • Automatic data statistics and correlations that gives you valuable insights on your posted data
  • Comprehensive reporting based on the interpretation of 50+ built-in data types


  • Advanced authentication for guaranteed data integrity
  • Multi-level data encryption at the transport (TLS) and the data (AES) levels
  • Fine grained access management at the channel, service and resource levels (for the publish subscribe APIs)
  • Full user based control over security measures and access rights: you can decide what to encrypt, what to make public and who can access what